Friday, 30 January 2015


And, thus, the blog rises from the dead once more to wreak havok on the mortal world.

Happy 2015 etc, anyway writing news. Here is the cover of Sharkpunk, edited by Jonathan Green, a splendid anthology that I'm in, featuring stories, you guessed it, about sharks. Mine is a bleak little tale called 'Peter and the Invisible Shark', which - I hope - is haunting and unusual, and the right sort of melancholy.

And hasn't Simon Coleby produced a wonderful cover?

The book is out in May from Snow Books and the full list of contributors are Al Ewing, Jonathan Oliver, Clint Lee Werner, Ian Whates, Kit Cox, Kim Lakin-Smith, Gary McMahon, Toby Frost, Amy Taylor, Alec Worley, Den Patrick, David Tallerman, Simon Coleby, Rob Tyler, Robert Spalding, Steven Savile, David Grimstone, Andrew John Lane, Richard Salter, Jenni Hill, Laurel Sills and Joshua M. Reynolds.

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