Thursday, 19 April 2012

Something I've written and something I've read


Just a quick one this time. Firstly to let you know about a new short story of mine which is being published. You will be able to find my ghost story 'Don't You like the Bird Man?' in the latest British Fantasy Society Journal.

The British Fantasy Society is a marvelous organisation and it's an honour to be in one of their publications.

Secondly,  I want to tell you about a rather marvelous book I had the privilege to read an advance copy of. It's called Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy Who Ran Away from the Circus (and Joined the Library) by the brilliant A.F. Harrold. I've known Ashley for a long time now (he compered my first ever go at stand-up) and he's a dazzlingly talented performance poet. I urge you to seek out his live work and get hold of his beautiful collections. But most of all I urge you to pre-order this massively entertaining book.

Anyway, that is all. Next week, the oft-promised and yet to be delivered blog on Ramsey Campbell.

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